Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite childhood book

Yesterday I was reminded why I love teaching. It has to do with books. Shocking! I let a teacher borrow a book that I thought her son would like. He doesn't enjoy reading and I found that when kids don't like to read one of the problems is that they haven't found the correct book yet that sparks their interest. The teacher came up to me and told me that he couldn't put it down. This made me feel really good. So of course in typical fashion, I can home and scoured my bookshelves for other books that he would like to read.

What was your favorite book from childhood? My is A Wrinkle in Time. My teacher read it to us in sixth grade. From then on, I was totally hooked on science fiction. I actually bought it in sixth grade and still have to original copy!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I've never read A Wrinkle in Time. Will have to try it! I started out REALLY reading The Baby-Sitters Club books.