Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where is Spring?

I woke up this morning and it was snowing outside. I know that I live in New England but where is spring? I am totally ready for some warm weather. I want to put my body into shorts and feel the sun on my Casper-like skin. I want to open my windows and see my white curtains fluttering in the warm spring breezes. I even want the constant sneezing that I go through every spring. Spring, I am ready. Where are you?

Speaking of warm weather, most of my family is going on a trip to Disney World in May. Disney and my sister are tempting me with 40% off deals. My husband and I missed the birthday celebration last year because of medical reasons. There is no reason why we shouldn't go this year. Of course, technically, I am still terminated. So there is the uncertainty of next year at this moment. I could also use new appliances in the kitchen. I think that if I had a dishwasher, I would be a much happier woman. It would also be lovely not to have to defrost my freezer with a hair dryer every couple of weeks. I bet I also would be a more efficient cook if all of the burners on my stove actually worked. The rational part of me knows the answer to this question but... It still doesn't stop me from checking out the Disney site every few days. It really wouldn't be in my head if I didn't have a credit with Delta. I cancelled my business trip in February but they are making me pay for the plane ticket, which was a surprise.

So what do you think? What should I do?

Peace Out,


  1. My kids asked me the other day why it's snowing if it's spring. They weren't too thrilled with my answer.

    Disney: To be or not to be. Good luck on deciding the answer. ;)

  2. I'd go to Disney. The DH wants to go, but I can't travel like that now. Seeing as how this year will be our 5th anniversary and we spent our honeymoon in Disney we may go then. I'd prefer Vegas like we originally talked about, but financially we may not be able to.

  3. Amber, we spend our honeymoon in Disney too! LOL!

    Welcome Stina. So what answer did you give your kids? We'll see what the answer will be to the Disney question!

  4. I hate to brag but...there are freshly picked flowers sitting in my windowsill as I type. No snow here.

    I've never been to Disney. Sigh. Someday, someday. Maybe you could say you have to go in my stead!!

  5. Flowers Miranda! Really! I would love to see flowers right around now. It is cold and gray again. Someday soon spring will have spring-like weather. I love your Disney rationale. Maybe it will work.