Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Writing is like life, there are many hurdles that you have to overcome to get published.

Hurdle 1- Finish writing a complete manuscript. This hurdle does not seem hard to the average person. In fact, it has a bit of the "duh" factor when you first read it but that is part of it's deception. Anyone who has an imagination (and I hear we all have it; some people I will need to see the proof, though), can think of an idea for a story. We see it in children playing when they are young, give some kids blocks and rock and presto, they have a city! It's hard to write something to completion.

Hurdle 2- Taking a step back and revising. Nothing is perfect the first time, you do it. "Practice makes perfect" was thought up for a reason. I truly feel that the more practice you give to the craft of writing, the better you get at it. So once you are finished, it's important to reread and "make better". There is always something.

Hurdle 3- The whole submitting process. Once you think that your story is as good as you can make it; it's time to start the whole submission to publishers process. Again, not an easy hurdle. You have to write your cover letter and the dreaded synopsis. If you thought writing the story wasn't hard enough, try to boil it down to two to five pages that will catch an editor's attention and want them to take time to read your submission. Crazy!

Hurdle 4- The most heinous of all of the hurdles is the wait. You have submitted everything and now...(crickets and clock ticking in background) they want you to wait. Really? It's enough to make the most pious person say, WFT. Most publishers have a wait time of months. If you are "light" in patience, this is the most difficult part of the process. Sometimes you just want to scream, "Just give me an answer already. I don't even care what it is!!!!"

Hurdle 5- The response. Now here is where you can get some important feedback. A rejection letter can feel more stinging than an actual slap across the face. One publisher said that Fated Mates failed to capture her attention from the beginning. I received that within two hours of my submission. Ouch! Revise and resubmit, this is still a rejection but there is something that the editor likes but wants things to be changed. I got this from another publisher and despite the revisions that I made, they also rejected Fated Mates. Then you have the acceptance letter with contract attached (the heavens open up and a choir of angels sings above you). Fated Mates finally found a home with Secret Cravings Publishing! I think I was doing the happy dance around my house for days. For this, I totally have to thank Amber Skyze for recommending this publisher.

The fact of the matter is that just like life, the hurdles are never ending. After acceptance, there are another set of hurdles that need to be overcome. So the question is, how ready are you for the race? I am ready and even bought a new pair of  "sneakers" for it.

In conclusion, may you have wings on your feet to jump any hurdle that is put in front of you!

Peace Out



  1. I believed in your story and heard great things about Secret Cravings - so congrats! :)


  2. Perfectly said! I think I've screamed that very sentiment during the waiting process :-)