Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's the wildest thing you've ever done?

Last week, I was asked to go to a bachelorette party but I didn't know the bride and the person who invited me is just a coworker, so I didn't go. Yesterday, the woman was showing pictures of it to me and my office mate. Of course, there was the mandatory stripper, who is real life is NEVER as hot as in books or on    tv/movies.

The next set of pictures were the crew in the bus. This was impressive. It was called the "Buzz Bus". It had a full bar and a dance floor! I hear some people would have been happy just to drive around in the bus and dance while having a few cocktails. I love to dance, so this is something that I would SO like to do.

The next set of pictures were of bar hopping in Newport. This is typical but there was a twist that caught my attention. Each woman had to pick a card on the way out of the bus and on each card was a task. Flirt with a total stranger. Get a stranger to buy you a drink. Have a guy ask you to dance, or for your number... You get the picture. The one task that had my head spinning was ask a guy to do a shot off of his chest. EXCUSE ME??? Here's the deal. You have to go up to a random guy and ask him to lift or take of his shirt. You then pour a shot on his chest and lick it off! The kicker is apparently guys let you do this. There were pictures and everything. As I'm writing this, part of me still can't believe that this actually happens.

Maybe this is the norm. I haven't been to a bachelorette party in years. Mine was sixteen years ago this month and consisted of the girls in the wedding party taking me into Providence to play pool and have drinks. While I thought we were all doing shots, I was the only one drinking while they were doing shots of lime juice or water. I was home by 11:00 sitting over a bucket, crying and explaining to my husband-to-be that I wasn't crying over something that I did, as he thought, only because I hate to vomit. I am truly a wild child.

While I think it's a totally great idea to put in a book, I'm unsure that I could do it in real life. I keep on thinking, would a total stranger want me to lick a shot off of him? The husband, yes. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't some type of alcohol waiting for me when I get home from work. Hmmm....

Let me know what you think. Have you ever been to one of these wild parties? What's the wildest thing that you have ever done at one.

Peace out,


  1. My girls took me to a stripper show for my bachelorette party for my second marriage. We had a great time. Some of the girls much better than me! lol I didn't even have a lap dance. Instead I got to know a few of the strippers. They were down to earth men who lead normal lifes in the daytime. In fact one day was a landscaper. I did offer to hire him to mow the lawn in the nude.
    The wildest thing I did was call an ex boyfriend two weeks before my first wedding and asked him to talk me out of it. Boy I wish he had. :)


  2. I'm a pretty dull, timid girl, so no I've never done anything so wild. On my bach party, I was supposed to do some tasks...and I didn't do any of them except drink out of a penis straw. Well, one guy did donate his chest hair to the cause, but I'm not the one who asked for it. The last place we went, another girl was having a bachelorette party and SHE had a stripper. So my girls dragged me over to him after his show and grabbed my wrist, making me touch his ass. But that was about it.

  3. My bach party was kind of lame. My maid of honor took me and my two other bridesmaids to the bar where we got to see male dancers dance and keep their clothes on. The highlight of my night was when a guy asked me out on a date--for the day of my wedding. :D

    Love the task idea. And of course, most young, single guys would let a girl do that. ;)