Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry about being MIA

I apologize for being MIA for a few days. I am on some medication that this time seems to be kicking my butt all over the state of Rhode Island. I come home from work and immediately want to sleep most days with a migraine, so I have been doing nothing, including writing. This morning, I was going to try to catch up on the blogs that I read but when I went scrolling through them, there were too many. So I decided to start fresh again today with my own blog and others that I follow.

This morning, I can feel another migraine already coming on behind my eyes. I had to go to the eye doctor yesterday with one. She did so many tests and added so many drops that for a while, I actually thought that there might be something wrong that all the long hours at the computer had changed my vision but she very bubbly told me that nothing had changed. She ordered me new contacts, I hate wearing my glasses. My husband says I'm very vain about it. But I can be, and I don't care. But between the migraine and contacts on order, I am going to be forced to wear my glasses today.

Now, if I had some sexy librarian type glasses that would be another story.  I wanted to look at some yesterday but the headache was too bad. So here is my question. Are women in glasses sexy? Have you ever written a character that has glasses? In all of my works, my vast 3 manuscripts (two unfinished), none of my characters wear glasses. Is it Freudian of me? Hmmm...

Peace Out,


  1. Hope you feel better. THere's nothing worse than a migraine.


  2. I HATE migraines. Fortunately my husband knows to keep the kids away from me when I get one. I'm just too out of it.

    I used to sell a anti-migraine drug when I was a drug rep. Talk about irony.

    Nope, none of my characters wear glasses. My husband wears them (has to, he swore like a sailor whenever he used to put his contacts in), but for some reason I keep forget about creating characters who wear them.

  3. Were you gone? Oh good, so was I! Computer virus on my end. Yes, again. Ugg. But I think I'm getting Windows 7 pretty soon now because of it, so cool.

    I hope you feel better soon. Nothing is worse than aching heads...or aching bellies. I'm a glasses wearer too, but I usually take them off as soon as I'm indoors, whether I can see or not.

    And now that you mention it, I don't write about glasses-wearing characters either. Unless they're geeks like me. I'm so cliched.