Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why are we surprised?

I had the idea for this post a while ago but with all that's happened, it went on the back burner for a while.

A few weeks ago, all of the blog were buzzing about the fact that Arnold cheated on Maria Shriver with another woman and had a secret child with this woman. I was shocked myself but why was I shocked? I guess I bought the hype. Maria coming from a well-know family that some equate to the closest thing to royalty that America has (This comes from my mother, a totally different generation.). Him, a body builder from another country that came from nothing and became a Hollywood star. It seemed perfect. We bought that dream.

Now we have John Edwards who is in a heap load of trouble. Not only cheated on his wife (sick wife), had a child with the woman but is now under investigation on whether or not he used campaign funds to cover up the affair. What a peach he truly turned out to be.

So the question is why are we shocked by this behavior? These are just men who have power and money. When you combine the two, most of the time, it is a cocktail for trouble. These men can fall into a few categories. One of them is the type of man that thinks that he can do anything because of who he is. Another is type is the one who think that he will never get caught. Lastly, some of them are the perfect prey for woman looking to sleep with someone famous/unattainable. Some of these predators are blatant, throwing panties in you face type of woman but then there is another more deadly type. The subtle type that works into the man's affections without him even knowing it is happening.

"Oh, your girlfriend/wife doesn't understand why you want to hang out at the bar with your friends all night. That's terrible, if I was your girlfriend/wife, I would totally understand why you need that time to be with your friends."

And the seed is planted, as easy as that.

My mother read a statistic the other day that 1 in 4 men cheat on their wives. She didn't believe it. She believes it's more like 3 out of 4. My God-fearing, rosary bead carrying, go to confession once a month mother, believes that more men cheat than stay faithful. I have to say, I was shaken to the core. I think that's pretty grim. I'm a realist but that depressed me.

So basically, for your own respect, the respect of your family, and your reputation, just keep it in your pants unless you want to be the running jokes on all of the late night talk shows. If you don't and get caught, you deserve everything you get.

So I will keep writing my stories where this is not a possibility. And for Mr. M, if you ever think about it, we have big knives in the house and I know how to use them!!!

Peace out,


  1. I'm with your mother. I learned in my first marriage not to believe in happily ever after. Yes, you can have a strong marriage, but men, along with women cheat whether emotionally or physically.
    Aren't you glad I dropped in today! ;)


  2. Wow, 3 out 4. Eeek that's high. Okay, you and Amber are depressing me.

    My hubby has seen the after effects of colleagues cheating on their wives. Hopefully that's enough to keep him faithful (along with the things I do to keep him from crossing the line).

  3. Actually, in my family...( I know, TMI). Out of my three sisters, only one had a cheating husband. But out of my four brothers and one brother-in-law (that makes 5), four had a cheating wife. So I see more cheating women than men in my little corner of the world. And you wonder where I came up with the idea for my story A Man for Mia, huh?!

    It's very depressing, but it is still a shocker every time I see it in my personal life or on TV. Though I did tell my husband as we were watching the Arnold/Maria thing, "These days, I'd be shocked if a big-name couple was actually monogomous for once!"

    Linda Kage

  4. Is it only one in four men who cheat on their wives? LOL.

    With all the people being caught in these affairs, you'd think--after a while--they'd know they WILL be discovered. It's inevitable.

    Interesting post!