Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still excited

I have to tell you that the high of receiving a contract hasn't worn off yet. A colleague told me I was glowing last week and asked if I could possibly be pregnant because I had a special aura about me. (Hehehe) In a way, I could have said yes. Not with a baby, but with the success that something that I wrote was good enough to be accepted for publication. I worked hard on that manuscript and am still so excited that it paid off.

Does looking forward to my edits from an editor make me weird? I am anxiously waiting to see what I need to do. You have to understand that this process is new to me. Someone might need to remind me of this later when my edits do come through from an editor. But right now, I want to see how a professional will advise me to make my manuscript better. I took a look at it over the weekend and I know what I would tell myself. Isn't it funny, when I sent it off, I thought it was as perfect as I could make it. Looking back, I see so many mistakes. Do you think that Hannah Howell thinks this way? Nah! She is just perfect in my eyes.

On another note, I hope that everyone had a very relaxing three day weekend. For all of us who have dreaded day jobs, our work week is cut down by one day. Hooray! For those who get to stay home and write all day... I'm green with jealousy and don't like you too much right now. ;) (You know that I really love you and plan to be part of your ranks this summer for a few weeks!) The hubby and I went to go see Thor. I thought that it was a good movie. Living with a comic book head, this summer's movie releases has him positively orgasmic!

Oh well. Off to shower now to get ready for the day job. Have a great day.

Peace out,


  1. The excitement stays for a long time and it never gets old. I enjoyed a four day weekend. I took the extra day because I needed it. We didn't get to the movies, but the DH got the deck furniture cleaned off and worked on the pool some more.
    Now back to work. YUCK! :)
    Have a great day.


  2. Congratulations, Marie!!!
    The excitement of receiving new contracts, edits, seeing cover art, etc. never wears off!

  3. Yeah, it's always exciting...even waiting for edits! Doesn't really wear off either.

    Well, I should probably return to my day job now! Congrats, again.