Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sometimes I feel like a fraud

I want to be a writer. I try to write every day but some days I feel like a fraud.

One of the ways that I feel like a writing fraud is that writers should write every day. Sometimes DAYS will go by before I touch my current WIP. I feel incredibly guilty about this. There are days when I'm at work that I dream about writing when I get home but when I do get there, I am too tired to write.

The second way, I feel like a fraud is that a writer should want to write above all else. There are times when I would rather watch the shows on my dvr.

I am in writing groups, belong to various loops, and have a blog. It is overwhelming. People are getting published all around you and here you are still waiting to here from publishers on your first manuscript. I don't know if it's even good. I think it's good but I wrote it. It's like every parent thinks their baby is beautiful and I can tell you that I hope the one I saw over the weekend grows into his looks. (Hubby thinks I'm being unfair here considering that he was only one month old. Mother's Day weekend is also never a good weekend for me.)

But there are times when the ideas are flowing and I can sit down and write 5k. I live for those days but they are few and far between. So I am going to try and write every day. Even if it's one hundred words. I do think that if I keep at it, I will eventually get published.

Fingers crossed!



  1. Persistance does pay off, but don't beat yourself up over not writing. I certainly can't write everyday. I'd like to, but there are times when I just don't feel like. You have to give yourself a break.
    I shoot for 5 days a week, preferably weekdays, but that's ME. Sometimes I write better on the weekend.
    Start off small, say 3 days a week. If you give yourself too large a goal you'll get frustrated and give up when you don't achieve it.
    Hugs, I'm sure this weekend wasn't easy for you.

  2. You are deifinitley not a fraud.

    I can't do the everyday thing either. I have no set writing schedule and yet I can still finish stories.

    I'm one of those people that believe in following your muse; write when you have the urge and don't write when you don't. If you're a true author in your heart, you'll finish your stories. Each person requires different work schedules. As long as you accomplish the end goal--and I would say you do because you have stuff out for submission--then whatever works for you, works for you.