Thursday, May 12, 2011

Never judge a book by its cover

Four writers got together for dinner- two mystery writers, one romantic suspense writer, and one who writes erotic romance. (Sound like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it?)

"Now look at her." Pointing to me. "It's always the sweet looking ones who write erotic."

This is not the first time that I have heard this. What exactly does this mean? Can you really look at someone and say, "You look like you write biographies!" "You write suspense."

By no means did this person mean to insult me and I wasn't insulted. I just smiled and drank another sip of my wine. But it got me thinking, do we judge books "by their cover". So I started examining the books that are in my e-library, especially the covers. And I have to say that yes, we initially pick books by their covers. If I don't know the author, what I look at first is the cover. If it grabs my attention, then I check out the blurb and then the excerpt. As a reader, it is our first introduction to the book. It really has to grab us right away or we pass it by. No fair, it might be the best book but...

I wonder how many books out there I have passed up because I didn't like the cover. Now let's face it, the cover is not usually created by the author. So it is no reflection of the quality of writing. It must be so difficult picking out the exact cover for you book. Do they give your options? Are you allowed input? What if you absolutely hate it?

I don't have a contract yet but the comment the other night really got me thinking about this.  What are your thoughts?

Peace Out,

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  1. Your absolutely right, everything seems to be judged by its cover. It's not fair, but heck, I find myself doing it too. Though I have learned some of the most interesting stories (and people) don't have the prettiest covers. Those are rare and unusual gems, I say.

    I have a friend that absolutely hated the cover of her book, but the only thing you can change once it's finished is if the name or title is spelled incorrectly. So an author has to be careful when they fill out their what-I-want-on-my-book-cover form.

    Wonderful post.