Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday will be quite the day again!

Hi all,
I just wanted to thank people who left me words of encouragement about yesterday's funeral. Everything went fine, thank goodness. The husband was able to go up on the altar and say a few words. There was some shifting around in the middle of the church but being a teacher and my mother's daughter, I stared them down until anyone with the least sense of making eye contact with me looked away. Don't mess with my man. That's my job! Afterwards we skipped the cemetery and receptions (There were two. One for the mother's family and one for the father's family.). The hubby accompanied me to the college, so that I could turn in my evaluations and av key. Don't want to be accused of stealing out-of-date av equipment.

While we were there something totally out of one of our books happened. We got on the elevator and once the doors closed, my husband grabbed me by the back of the neck and hauled me in for the most passionate kiss that I have experienced in a long time. Before his lips met mine, he smiled and said, "Don't worry. There are no cameras. I checked." What a man! We followed that by a very romantic dinner.

Of course the day would have been perfect except for typical "Marie" fashion, I forgot the keys to our house. I switched bags to a little clutch and left the keys in the other bag. I am usually the holder of the keys, so the husband didn't think about them. Thank goodness a neighbor had the spare key and was home. My mom also has a key but was off at First Communion practice with "C".

Unfortunately the real mood breaker was when my husband was walking around in his underwear, still wearing the black dress socks from the day! I don't think that there is anything less attractive than those black socks. Really! I think Tim Riggins could walk around with them and be slightly less attractive. Hmm.....maybe!

Have a wonderful weekend. I am off to the market to make stuffed mushrooms for the first of the Communion parties today.

Peace Out,


  1. Good luck today. I have a birthday party for two to prepare for. My mom and son will arrive around 1 and I have to work. No meeting for me!!

  2. Have a great time today Amber. Good luck with the preparations. Hopefully your daughters WILL help you! I'm bummed about the meeting too!

  3. Glad things went okay.

    Strangely enough, I just read an elevator romance story this weekend!! Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye. Must be going round*wink*