Friday, May 6, 2011

The sun is shining

The sun is shining through the windows. It's pale golden glow making my living room "feel" warm. The walls in here are painted Moroccan red (my mother likes to "affectionately" calls it bordello red!), and with the shiny hard-wood floors in her, it just seems like it is what warm would actually look like. This is the time of morning that I actually love. If it were a normal day in the land, I would already be at work. So normally I miss this time of morning at my house. This is when I am the most productive. I feel alive at this time.

Unfortunately, I can't sit and write today. I have to get the hubby up for this funeral, even though the wake was a disaster. My poor hubby when he put himself out to the family the other day became a target. Him, being the oldest friend, must be responsible for all of the "problems" that this guy had. If anyone knew my husband, they would laugh. He's has not always been a saint but to blame him for this is ridiculous! But who are they going to blame? Baby "J", VoVo who raised him, the parents who neglected him? No, let's blame the oldest friend. Pray that I can make it through the morning without slapping anyone. Insult me fine, I can take it. Insult anyone I love, and I become like a mother bear protecting her young. It is not pretty!! Although, I will be dress to the "nines" today and looking FABULOUS! If I do say so myself.

I am hoping later after this disaster is over to take advantage of this sun and do some writing in the yard. I feel creative today!

Wishing all of the mother's out there a happy Mother's Day on Sunday!

Peace Out,


  1. Sending throughts and prayers you and your husband's way. Is there anything worse than a nasty funeral? Hope things go okay.

  2. Hope things went okay today and you got to enjoy the nice weather we were experiencing.

  3. I don't blame you for wanting to slap someone. :(