Thursday, June 9, 2011

Torn between two worlds

Right now, I feel like I am torn between two worlds. The dreaded day job which will be finished for the summer on June 30th and my writing. They are in a constant struggle to see who gets more of my time at the moment.

The dreaded day job will finally be over for the year on June 30th. I can't believe that the school is year is almost over. It has been a crazy roller coaster ride that decided to add a new loop at the very end. As I have complained many times over the course of the year, I have been writing curriculum for a new reading program that we are getting. The avalanche of boxes have been coming in, I have been moving them around to the great detriment of my skin, nails, legs, feet, and clothes. I have ruined two pairs of beautiful sandals trying to move boxes and be stylish. Silly yes, but I do love my shoes. My school is also broken up into two buildings. The main building that houses grades 2-6 and the annex that houses k-1. So I am constantly running between the two. It's a little harder to do this recently considering the two murders in the neighborhood. But I digress... So here's the new loop. My main building, which is housed in an old mill, is changing to a Prek-1 school. All of the Grade 2-5 students are moving to the school on the other side of the mill. So the moving has begun! It has been such  crazy ride and I can't wait to get off. Now the problem with this is that yesterday, the temperature skyrocketed to the mid-90's and today will be even worse. Moving is not what I want to do today. So by the time I get home, I'm a red-face, sweat-stained, dirty mess. I can barely drag myself into the shower to clean who-knows-what off of me. All I want to do is sit on the coach and watch tv.

So now the writer in me is feeling guilty. My WIP, Irish Rising, is coming along nicely. I am soon going to hit the 10k mark. I actually think it's a much better crafted story than the first one being published in November. It is true the more you  write, the better you get. Of course, now I am too tired to write anything of substance. I am trying to get into work a little bit earlier, to get in at least a hour before the craziness starts. Sometimes it works and sometimes, it doesn't. So my characters are constantly screaming, "What about me?" Also characters that are waiting to be written are not very patient people. I have a professional baseball player that keeps resurfacing in my dreams that wants his story told. He doesn't realize that a cowboy is in the line before him. I don't know there might be a brawl!

I am patiently waiting for July 1st to come around, so that for four glorious weeks I can sit and write full time.

Peace Out,


  1. You'll be surprised when the baseball player doesn't give up and demands his story be written first! There'll be nothing you can do but succumb to his needs and put the cowboy on the backburner. LOL
    Try to stay hydrated and inside as much as possible today.


  2. Amber's right. The character who's meant to be written first will prevail. LOL....

    Congratulations on your wordage! And I LOVE the title Irish Rising! Keep up the good work!

  3. Come the end of June, my productivity level will decline with the kids out of school. :(

    Murder???? Definitely not fun. Neither is that heat.

  4. here's looking toward July!! We won't even discuss the heat. Yuck. Actually, I'd like to see baseball player and cowboy brawl for their position. Torn clothes, please, torn clothes, perferrabley shirts that rip off to expose nice tanned chests!!