Tuesday, April 26, 2011


   I walked in from work tired and exhausted. The long day of work after my vacation never seemed to end. My boss piled project after project on my desk, relishing it with her small sadistic smile.
   "I could have given all of this to you before vacation but I decided to allow you to enjoy it. Aren't I a good boss?"
   Good boss? All I could think of was, "bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch".
   All I wanted was a glass of wine and a nice hot bath. The sweet, fragrant smell of spaghetti sauce and fresh baked garlic bread swirled around me like a warm blanket. I breathed deeply taking in the comforting smells of my childhood. The aroma lightening my mood, helping me push the events of the day behind me.
   The glass of wine next to the stove beckoned me like a sailor heeding a siren's call. The first sip was a small taste of heaven. I stirred the bubbly liquid and brought the spoon to my lips for a taste. Yum....
   Strong tan hands encircled my waist and brought me back against his hard body. The wine and sauce were not the only things waiting for me.
   "You have no idea how much I missed you today," he whispered in my ear.
   His breath sending shivers out all over my body. My exhaustion forgotten. I started craving something other than food. He turned me in his arms and...

And that's how I wish my day had ended yesterday. I like it better. No valiant fight against ants that I seem to be losing. No car having something go wrong with the oil gage sensor. The wine and leftover lamb from Easter was good though. On the list today-mechanic, exterminator, and the very last night class that I will teach this year!!! Relish the small, I know I will.

Peace out,


  1. Aren't day dreams grand? I think they help get you through the "ugh" times!