Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two to go

When I contacted the publisher that later rejected me this weekend, I also contacted the two other publishers that I submitted to. Good thing that I did! One of the publishers is my dream to work with, not that getting published by anyone is not a dream at this moment. Well, they never received my partial! Here I was waiting for weeks for nothing. So on a good note, I was given the opportunity to re-submit my partial. At least it wasn't a rejection. I can handle it so far. At the other publisher they kindly told me that my manuscript is now in the hands of an editor.  Normally this would excite me but after my most recent experience, it just tells me where the ms is physically. It really doesn't mean that it is one step closer to be published. On the other hand, it was not immediately rejected. So it's not a bad sign either.

So now the wait begins again.

Peace Out,


  1. I'm not a patient person, but belong to one of the professions that makes you wait, wait and wait. Welcome to the world of writing! :)

  2. Thank goodness you did a status check! And I'm with you a non-immediate rejection has to be better than immediate one!