Saturday, April 23, 2011

A funny thing happened to me...

This past week, I have been on school vacation. I've enjoyed my time writing, walking, and just plain relaxing in my sweatpants! I originally had grand ambitions. I was going to get a dumpster and do a thorough spring purging. Painting was going to be done. New light fixtures were going to be bought and put up. Then, if there was time, there was going to be day trips. We did have a trip planned for the Boston Museum of Science. We were going to take the train from Providence and spend the day exploring. There was only one hiccup in the plan. I told the hubby that he couldn't take a pocket knife. I was afraid that they would have metal detectors at the museum and we wouldn't be let in. I wasn't going to travel 90 minutes by train and then get turned away at the door. Let me explain why this is a hiccup. My husband is never without a pocket knife in his pocket. It's not like he's Rambo with a huge Bowie knife sticking out of his pants but a knife nevertheless. He even had a pocket knife in his tux when we got married. When we started dating, I thought that it was a little weird but now it is just how it is. I think that it is like a child carrying around a security blanket or at least that's how I like to explain it. It's not like we live in a high crime area in the east bay section of Rhode Island! Well, we never ended up going. I am hoping that it really was because of insomnia instead of not being able to bring a knife but with the hubby, one never knows.

Now flash forward a few days and I am pulling into my driveway after getting sandwiches from a local shop for lunch. Since I am on vaca the cooking is very limited. Please don't judge, I normally am a great cook. So here I am in my driveway and I go to unbuckle the seat belt and it doesn't unbuckle. I try and try and try. No matter what I do, it won't unbuckle. I tried to slip off the shoulder strap and crawl out of the waist strap which only tightened the seat belt. So I sat there for about ten minutes wondering what I was going to do. Then I sucked it up and called the hubby in the house to come and cut me out of my own seat belt. You may laugh your ass off here! I totally expect it. So out he comes twirling the pocket knife that I told him could not come on our day trip. You can imagine the witty repartee that went on between us about the importance of carrying a knife. Finally, as if the gods had heard my begging for an alternative solution, the seat belt magically disengaged itself. I was relieved because how much was it going to cost me to replace a seat belt?

The whole situation begs to be put into a story. Imagine if it happened and the heroine has to call a sexy sheriff to come and cut her out of her car (Rational people forget about AAA). Or if it were her husband and she had to be his sex slave to thank him for saving her thus introducing her Dom/Sub relationship that he has always fantasized about. Makes you say hmm... (I think that the hubby totally missed the boat here!)

Have a great holiday everyone,


  1. LOL!! Definitely a story-happening event. Your poor hubby, totally missed out a great opportunity!

    My hubs in a knife-carrier too! I've actually come to rely on it, sticking out my palm and saying "knife" whenever I need to cut something.

  2. Hoo boy! I'd like to read about the sex slave scenario!

  3. ROFL. Yep, I agree with Joanne. :D

    Are you saying the AAA dude couldn't be hot too? ;)