Friday, April 8, 2011

New writer on my radar

Last weekend at my local writers meeting, I met a "new"author. She was a new author to me, not a "new" author. This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy going. Her name is Marie Force. She talked to us about writing and then talked about how she is making a beau coup amount of money self-publishing. Since November, she's made over $35,000! Yes, you read the figure correctly. Now, this information while intriguing is not pertinent to me because I am unpublished but for those of you who are published and have a following. I would definitely look into it!

I am going to go to one of her local book signings this weekend. I am going to try to make time to read. I can't remember when I actually read a book. I think that for me, it is important to balance my  writer side with my reader side. The only problem that I foresee is that I have a lot of correcting to do for my college course. I have been so busy with my day job that I have let the second slide a little bit. But on a good note, I only have three more weeks of it! When I finally realized it, I wanted to do the happy dance.

T-minus one week until April vacation!

Peace out,


  1. I know I need to find time to read. I don't get to do it that often. I've been slowly reading Donna Russo Morin's The Courtier's Secret in paperback and Tessie Bradford's Pampering Jessica on my e-reader.
    Woo Hoo for vacation.

  2. You sound busy. But thanks for the name Marie Force. I'll have to look up her work. Never heard of her before.

  3. Those college courses always sounds like a great idea until you realize how much work they are. End your break. :)