Monday, April 11, 2011

Boy did the weekend go by fast

Boy did this weekend go by quickly! Did I do any writing? No! Did I do a lot of correcting papers for my college course? Oh man, did I! While I was a little disappointed that I didn't get any writing done, it was a productive weekend. I am still not totally done with all of my correcting but at least I put a huge dent in it. I did take some time off to go to a book signing by Marie Force. While at Barnes and Nobles, I spend too much money. In addition to buying Marie's book, I bought A Discovery of Witches, which I have heard a lot about. While I was spending money like a drunken sailor (There was also a trip to the Christmas Tree Shoppe for spring wreaths for the doors!), I also bought the husband a book to soften the blow. Me in a bookstore is a recipe for disaster! I almost bought a Nook. We are talking about "this close". I am so unsure about the Nook, Kindle, and IPad difference. Do I really need one? Or is it a novelty? With the expansion of e-books, I am going to start doing some research.

I might have some time this morning to get some writing done. I am taking a half day this morning because I have to go to the ob/gyn for my yearly visit. So while I am waiting to go through that psychological trauma, I am hoping to get in some writing.

One happy result from getting up early this morning that while I was "cleaning up" my dvr selections, I noticed that Friday Night Lights is coming back on this Friday! Yay! Even though my man Tim is still in jail, I can't wait! So I will leave you with a picture to sigh over.


Peace Out,


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. I haven't written in a week. Woke up to a rejection this morning. :( But I'm going to write right now! Time to get back on the horse. lol

  2. So sorry about the rejection! That really stinks. Get back on that horse and RIDE!

  3. Weekends seem to be a blur these days. Sigh. It's dangerous to let me loose in a bookstore too. Good luck on finding an ereader!