Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Very First

First Romance Novel I ever bought myself
This was the first romance novel I ever bought on my own. My aunt used to take us to the mall every weekend. It was a time when she and her friends would go one way and my friends and I would go another. We would meet at the appointed time on a bench in the middle of the mall. I remember see this book and I had to have it. This was extremely important because this is when I also started earning an allowance. I think that my mother realized that she could pay my sister and I the outrageous sum of $1.00 to clean the house. I was to dust and wash the floors. She was a tough one though, I had to wash the floor on my hands and knees because it was the "only way to get them really clean". So I worked and work and bought my first romance novel. The floodgate was opened and my own love affair with reading romances begun. As I stated in previous posts, there were always romance novels in the house but this book was my beginning. So I worked and once a month, my aunt would take us to get the new release. It was an awesome time in my life. Eventually, all of my friends got involved so we all would buy a different book and then swap them when we were done.

Do you remember your first romance novel?

Peace Out,


  1. I didn't start reading romance until my grandmother died in 1990. I was in my twenties and inherited her books because of my love of reading. I always read dark books like Dean Koontz, John Saul and Stephen King.
    Wish I could remember what book started it all.

  2. I didn't buy mine but borrowed it from my older sisters. The title was LOVE BEYOND REASON by Sandra Brown. I haven't been able to put down the romance stories since.

  3. I loved that book. I must have read it at least twenty times because it was a quick read. It wasn't my first romance, but Sweet Dreams was the first romance line I read until I got into the heavier historical romances.