Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Vacation

I have been on vacation since Friday at 2:15 pm but it doesn't feel like it yet. I have been writing the writing curriculum with two other girls for all of the second grade students in my district. On Saturday morning, I was sent all of the units to look at and revise for publishing. So I have actually been working on my vacation. I would like to say that they sent them to me because I am the smartest in the group but I know the real reason. I checked my e-mail! I was the only one who checked my work e-mail. So I was the one who got stuck with the work. Well, that is behind me. I have to teach my course tonight and then the real vacation begins.

I have decided that if I can't do my "super-purge" of all the junk in my basement, I am going to go on some day trips with the husband. On the agenda for tomorrow is taking the train into Boston. We are planning to go to the Boston Museum of Science. I am hoping that it won't be crazy because of school vacation but those are the pitfalls to be a teacher. You have vacation when most of all the breathing children in the world are also on vacation.

I haven't anything this week. I am hoping that after I set up for tonight that I will be able to take some time. Does anyone ever have lofty expectations about what will be accomplished during vacation and the actuality falls short?

Peace Out,


  1. Every single vacation. I always take mine in June and December. I set high expectations and never do any of them! lol
    Try to enjoy what's left.

  2. Stuck working on your vacation; That doesn't sound right. Hope your day trips go good!