Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guilty pleasures

The other night on Dancing with the Stars, it was guilty pleasures night. They had everyone dancing to songs that were deemed "guilty pleasures". I am assuming that all of the songs were supposed to be embarrassing to admit that you liked. I have to admit, my taste has been called eclectic at best. So of course, I loved all of the songs. Is something a guilty pleasure if you admit to it?

1. I love all of this hype about the royal wedding. Some people can't be bothered but I am going to watch. I watched Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married when I was young. My mother woke me up in the wee hours of the morning (or it seemed like the wee hours) and we watched it together. If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, I probably would be at my mother's house watching this one with her as well. I like weddings-the dresses, the flowers, the music... Maybe because I enjoyed every aspect of my own wedding.

2. I like hard rock, alternative and 80's music. I am not a top 40 girl. On my I-Pod, you would find Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Muse, Flyleaf, Halestorm, Blondie, Journey, Duran Duran (Oh John Taylor, I still love you!), and Paramour. I also have a penchant for Broadway musicals.

3. I was a dancer and wanted to pursue it until a college dance instructor told me that my body was geared more towards The Foxy Lady (one of the local strip clubs) than ballet. What can I say, even when I was one hundred pounds, I had big boobs! Rude yes but I used to have a rockin' bod! (Time and Doritos, what have you done to me?)

4. I love sci-fi and fantasy films. Give me The Terminator, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and keep them coming.

5. I enjoy watching cheesy Lifetime romances. Just squirmed through the one on Kate and William, totally not up to Lifetime standards.

6.  I love, love, love YA movies. I want to see The Prom, Beastly, Breaking Dawn...I look forward to these movies.

So what do you consider some of your "guilty" pleasures?

On another note, I want to send out my deepest support to Judy Mays. I don't know her but I e-mailed her my support and received a personal thank you.  I joined her support group on Facebook and was very vocal about my support on the loops that I belong to. I think what these ignorant, backwoods heifers have done to this woman's private life is a crime.  They should be persecuted for cyber bullying. What anyone does in their free time is no one else's business! I am a teacher. I write erotica under a pen name. I have sex with my husband, even when the sun is out sometimes! None of these things impact how I am as an educator. So I don't feel that she has to make a decision if she wants to write or teach. These old bats should crawl back into whatever cave they came from and let a woman who has been doing a good job for 25 years continue to do so!

Peace Out,


  1. It's horrible what Judy's being put through. Music is my guilty pleasure. I have some of the similiar music on my iPod. :) I'm not a top 40 girl either.
    Like you said it's no ones business what people do in their free time.

  2. I so would like to see the wedding too! I wrote on the Yahoo wedding guestbook for them.

    Actually most of your pleasures I'm guilty of too! My sister and our take our younger neices to all the YA chickie movies. Our last was Beastly. Can't wait for Breaking Dawn. The hubby will go to the last Harry Potter with me, but he refused to attend a Twilight movie.

    I like to sing to the radio when I'm driving. Is that guilty?

    I haven't heard of Judy Mays. Hmm.