Monday, April 4, 2011

Riding a weekend high, I did something stupid

Riding a writing high on Saturday, I did something stupid. On Saturday, I went to my local chapter of Romance Writers and it was one of the best meetings that I had been to. It was really inspirational. I came home with a renewed vigor for writing. In my vigor and zest for writing, I e-mailed the editor that requested revisions on my manuscript. I was hoping to get to the editor that wanted them but unfortunately, I was sent back to the editor that originally rejected my manuscript. Well, she rejected it again. Very curtly! She complimented the changes that the other editor wanted and saw how they worked for the manuscript but still found it "lacking". It was another "ouch" moment. Maybe I brought on the rejection by forcing the issue. I really thought that the other editor liked it better. Or maybe I am in denial. It could be lacking. At my workshop this weekend, the speaker talked about 15 common mistakes from novice writers. One of the top ones was one that I did. I had a dream sequence  in my ms. Apparently, dream sequences are out. The rejecting editor told me that months ago and the speaker this weekend validated that opinion. But as a writer, I really liked that scene and didn't want to change it. Was it a mistake, I don't know. When do  you draw the line between your creativity and wanting to be published? Do you change your creation to make editors happy in order to be published? What is a writers ultimate goal?

Peace Out,


  1. Just created a Facebook page. Come and be my friend!

  2. It's tough because I believe if you're in love with the scene you should stick to your guns, yet sometimes we must concede and go with an editor. Not all the time, but sometimes they know what they're talking about. I'm not sure about this time.
    I'm considering a facebook account soon. Too busy the next few days, but if I do I'll friend you.
    I'm truly sorry too. You'll find the right publishing house for your book.

  3. Thanks Amber. I have a few publishers that I am still waiting on but I already have ideas of how to change Fated Mates which don't include the dream scene. Great seeing you on Saturday!

  4. I'll friend you from my many names!!

    That totally sucks on the rejection. I had an editor that liked my story but had to show it to her senior where the senior editor asked for revisions, then rejected it after I made changes. Ugh. But another place took it after that and almost every reader that puts a review on it gives it a 5-star. Every person just has their own likes and dislikes. It's like playing the lottery to find an editor who'll love your work.

    And about the goals. Each person is different about what they be published or to just write because they like to write. I figure my first draft of my story is the story I want to tell. I save that as a differnent filename than my revision drafts so I'll always have the orginal as it first was. That way if editors or critique partners want something different, I still have that first thing that came out of me and then another version that is for public reading.