Saturday, January 22, 2011


I would like to give a huge congrats to Amber Skyze. She and Tara Nichols, Jude Mason, and Keta Diablo have been nominated for Best Anthology of 2010 for Spank Me Twice from Noble. If you have a minute, go and vote for them at:

It is incredibly cold here today, supposedly not getting out of the the teens. It's so bad that I even tried to drink some tea to warm up because I always seem to be out of coffee. It actually made me nausea. Isn't tea supposed to have the opposite effect.

I had an idea for a new story last night but I want some opinions on it. My heroine has gotten herself in a financial pickle. The hero is offering to help her out because he has been secretly in love with her ever since she came to work for him. She offers to pay him back by being his sex slave for the weekend. In her eyes, this a way to indulge in her fantasies that she has been having about him for years but never approached him because he is her boss. Would it be perceived that she is trading sex for money?

Peace Out,


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the promo. I'm excited about being nominated for this story.

    I would say maybe have them use a written agreement that she will pay him back - excluding the sex from the agreement. Once they fall in love he can choose whether or not he wants to be repaid. I'm sure you can write this without it looking like prostitution. :)

  2. Oh and tea does the same thing to me. It's the craziest thing. Growing up everyone said, drink tea it settles your stomach. Not me. It makes me sick! :)