Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enough already!

I say NO TO SNOW! Done, done, done, done, done! There are 58 more days until spring. It seems so far away. Next month, I am being sent to Atlanta for a work conference. I am hoping to see some temperatures in the 50's or dare I say 60's. It's so sad that those are the temperatures that I am hoping for but it would be nice. We have yet another snow day. When you were little, snow days were the best. You didn't have to go school. You watched tv all day and then went out played in the snow and came in when you were cold to watch more tv.

Snow doesn't have all bad memories for me. When I was 13 years old, two new neighbors moved in. One around the block and the other directly behind us. Maryann and John, who moved directly behind us became very good friends with my mother. Such good friend that there was a gate put in between the fence, so we could go into their pool whenever they were home. Those are summer stories. Maryann's sister moved in around the block. She had two sons and at 13 years old, I fell in love for the first time. It was that type of love where, your heart races, and your palms sweat. The type of love that you feel when you are 13. Russell was beautiful, played golf, and unfortunately for me 17 years old. (I still to this day remember his licence plate number.) With my mother being a widow, he would come over in the winter and shovel snow. I, of course, would go out and help. One snow storm, we had a snowball fight in the yard with my brothers and sister. We chased each other around and laughed like crazy. At one point during the game, he tackled and started tickling me. Once the tickling stopped and we were staring at each other, for one brief moment, I thought that he wanted to kiss me. I honestly did. Thinking back, he probably did, but no it didn't happen. I honestly think that we met too early. It was just a moment that wasn't meant to be.

So as I am shoveling today (and praying  for my brother David to save me with his snowblower), I am going to hold on to that memory.

Peace out,


  1. Wait for your brother...I KNOW he'll show! :) What great memories to hold on to.

  2. Those 58 days seem like a looooong way away.