Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Now that my manuscript is finished, the hard work begins. Apparently, the hardest part (at least for me) is writing the summary because it is not a normal summary. Since yesterday, I have been investigating "how to write a summary". Again not a normal summary, it is your manuscript boiled down to a few hundred words. The purpose of this is to "sell" the editor into reading your actual manuscript. It has to be in the present tense, interesting, and has to grab the reader immediately. It's funny that there are so many "hidden" steps to the process of getting a manuscript published. Who would know? How did author's find these things out without the Internet? Who thought that writing the manuscript was ht easiest part of the process.

Not only that but my investigation turned up that there are certain ways to write query letters! Oh horror!

Writing friends, any advise. It looks like I will have some time to write tomorrow. We are expecting a lot more snow tonight and tomorrow. I am going to be smart about this and talk to my brother tonight to come and plow us out. There is no way that I am ever picking up a shovel again. I have been trying to convince people for years that I am a delicate flower. I just don't understand why no one is listening!

Peace Out,


  1. Get your brother set up! We are expecting too much snow. My DH asked a friend with a plow to come do ours.

    Good luck the synopsis. I haven't met a writer who likes to write them.

  2. Love the delicate flower comment!! The only time I got treated with any kind of care was when I was pregnant. Sigh. I miss those days.

    And I know exactly what you mean about writing the manuscript being the easiest part. I'm still working on the synopsis thing. I still suck at them. Bla.