Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tired and not wanting to face the day

After my very abrupt rejection the other day, I have taken a few days off from writing. It has only been the physical act. More and more ideas have been hammering in my brain to get out. So soon I will be start writing again. It won't be today though. I have to work until 5:45 and after that I will probably be brain dead.

Today, we start testing at school. So maybe while the students are testing, I will write down my list of possible story ideas.

On another note, did something incredibly stupid. So I think that another rejection letter will be coming my way just out of sure stupidity. While I was subbing out my ms on Sunday, I sent it to a particular publishing house. For the past two days, I have been receiving error messages that the email has not gone through but will keep on trying. So last night, I sent a very nice e-mail explaining my problem. I received an immediate response to send it to an actual person and they would forward my ms to the right department because this particular publisher has multiple line. It was great. I sent if off feeling good. Immediately after that I receive an e-mail from the OWNER of the publishing company telling me that the e-mail was checked and nothing seemed to be wrong. I should check what e-mail I used, not snarky but just matter of factly.  Sure enough, I friggin' forgot the "the" in the e-mail. I would reject me because of that, talk about not paying attention and being stupid. I hate making stupid mistakes, hate, hate, hate!!!

Peace Out,


  1. I wouldn't worry about the email issue. Things like that happen all the time.
    Glad to hear you'll be back to writing soon. It's normal to step back for a few days after a rejection. We all do it.

  2. I'm feeling you. Silly mistakes just make you feel so, well, stupid. But I wouldn't worry either. I've made stupider mistakes and still sold a book.

    Good luck on your next venture!