Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going to vent a little

I beg all of your pardons because I am going to vent a little. I have talked before about how much I hate snow. Well, snowed in again with no snowblower in sight. I made sure that I contacted my brother yesterday and asked him to come over and get me out of my snow mess. It's noon and nothing. Do I call him, I don't know? I don't like to rely on other people. I just might have to go out and do it myself.

Rant #2 My husband plays video games. It keeps him sane and sometimes me insane. Last night, I heard a horrible yell from the living room. My husband got the x-box red ring of death which basically means that the system is toast. Now this was after he bought a $70 controller yesterday afternoon because his went bad. So now he has a new controller, a $140 headset that I bought for Christmas but no gaming system. My life is going to be insane until, I can get him another one. He really is going to be a miserable bitch!

Rant #3 I wanted a stress free snow day to work on my synopsis and hopefully send off the manuscript today but I don't think it is going to happen because of rant 1 and 2.

Maybe I'll just drink wine.

Peace Out,

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  1. Well I say call your brother. I wouldn't just go out and do it yourself. I'm sure he's busy with everyone and will be coming. Don't be him.
    Sorry about the red ring. That sucks.
    Grab the wine and lock yourself in a room writing your synopsis.