Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why is waiting so hard

Why when I know that most publishers will take weeks to get back to me about my manuscript do I race home to check my e-mail every day? It doesn't make sense. I am a rational person but every day, I expectantly, with one eye closed check my e-mail in hopes that I will receive some type of good news. I am lucky that I can't check home e-mail at work because I would probably check it every free moment.

My plan to write while proctoring some tests went out the window. Sometimes what is expected of children is unreasonable. I know this first hand. I feel like I am torturing children this week. My district is giving English proficiencies to all of our English Language Learners. So here I am giving an English test to second grade students who are only instructed in Spanish and are also special ed. So every look is like they are pleading with me to help them when I can't. It just makes me angry. Are we setting them up to fail?  So no writing during this time. Yesterday, I was able to sketch out a story outline before school started.

They are forecasting more snow tonight, so maybe there will be another snow day tomorrow and I can get some writing done then. I would say tonight but the husband is sick, maybe with the flu and being such a baby about it. It's actually quite funny because he made an excuse to get out of going somewhere last weekend using the flu as an excuse and now it seems like he is coming down with it. Karma, hmmm... Just stay away from me.  I might have shoveling to do!

Peace Out,


  1. I think we all check emails every day waiting to hear something. Welcome to the writing world! lol

    Poor DH. Mine went to the doctors finally. He has an ear and sinus infection and the beginning of walking pneunmonia! And he thought it was just a pesky cold that wouldn't go away.

    Call your brother - leave that shovel alone! You have writing to do.

  2. Thanks Amber. So sorry to hear about DH being so sick. I'm sure that you are taking great care of him. Already talked to the brother, I am prepared.