Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

I am going to admit to a guilty pleasure here on my blog. I really enjoy watching a reality show called Millionaire Matchmaker. I find it intriguing when you mix people with money trying to find love. Usually, I find the show a hoot. I enjoy Patti Stanger who is the matchmaker. She has a frankness that I could never have but am jealous of, she tells people the truth at all times. Unfortunately, last night, I found the episode disturbing on so many different levels. There were two millionaires last night, as usual, one male and one female. The male line, I had no problem with but the other one...

The millionairess was a large woman. I am all for curvy woman, being one myself. In her initial interview, she stated that she was looking for a "Matthew McConaughey" type of man. It was then said on the show, "Why does she think that she deserves a Matthew McConaughey?" This is where the show initially lost me. Why doesn't she deserve to have the type of man that she is attracted to? Because she is overweight? They went on to say that they had to find her a "5" because those were the type of men who were going to treat her right. So let me get this straight, bigger woman should only settle for a "5"? (Now let me step back from this for second. I don't believe in a rating system for men and women. I truly believe that you are attracted who you are attracted to because looks are not the only basis for a relationship.) I was a little insulted for all of us curvy woman in the world. Now of course, the woman turned out to be a huge twit. She was presented with this very cute ex-cop who seemed genuinely interested in her but she chose the "hot" plumber who wanted her money and nothing else.

I guess the "pollyana" romance writer in me was also insulted because I truly feel that finding love is a lot more than just finding your equal number on a rating scale. This is what we write about. Is it fiction? Yes to some extent, but I think why it is so popular is that the readers believe that what we write about is a possibility somewhere. It is that possibility that keeps them reading.

So I am lifting my coffee cup this morning to all of the possibilities out there and telling everyone not to let the rating systems get you down. You are only "rated" if you allow yourself to be "rated".

Peace out,


  1. I'm all for being attracted to personalities. The people I love being around the most are not always the most magazine-cover worth.

    So, I'm with you guys!

    I've never heard of Millionaire Matchmaker by the way.

  2. The last line of your blog is so true. And if you get caught up in the rating system can you ever truly be happy? I've only seen one episode of Millionaire Matchmaker. I thought the matchmaker was mean ... LOL