Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day (take 2)

Like most of the state, I have another snow day today. What is going to be different today is that I am going to be productive. Today, I am going to do the writing that I should have done yesterday. I think that I will start writing some more of my WIP. My characters Tasha and Dev have sat on the shelf long enough. I have ignored them as I made edits and revisions on Fate Mates. I am going to trying to try not to "put all of my eggs in one basket". I don't know about any of you but I don't seem to be able to work on more than one manuscript at a time. The story consumes me and I can't switch gears. I am going to try and better at multitasking. I have too many stories in my brain that are hammering to be let out.

So today I WILL continue with Tasha and Dev's story, Saddle Up and write my synopsis for Fated Mates. I would like to send FM off this weekend. So let's see how I make out with my I WILL... list today. I am feeling confident.

Peace Out,

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