Monday, December 20, 2010

After rejection, comes reflection

After complaining about not getting a response on my manuscript, I sent an inquiry letter in which I received an almost immediate response. The editor had read my partial and requested  the whole manuscript. I thought that this was a good sign because they wanted to see more of my writing. Ultimately, not even a few hours after I sent the completed manuscript, I received a rejection e-mail. So, I started reflecting on the feedback. Here it is:

The Good (Always start with the good, isn't that universal?)

1. The editor really liked my base story. The basis of the story was solid and she wanted to read more about it. Since the basis is the bones of the story, I took this as a good sign.
2. It wasn't rejected right away.  The editor wanted to read more of the manuscript.  I consider this another good sign. To me, it means that my writing doesn't TOTALLY stink.
3. She really liked my hero. She thought that he was a well developed and interesting character.
4. The editor liked my sex scenes.  She thought they were incredibly hot.

So the "goods" made me feel optimistic.  Then...

The Bad (With the good, always comes the bad, but I consider it part of the reflecting process of becoming a better writer.)

1.  The editor thought there should be more "meat" to the story.  I understand this. So, I am taking this as meaning that parts of the story should have been more developed. I actually agree with this. After reading, my manuscript, I feel it needed "more".
2.  She didn't like my female heroine as much. She thought that she needed a lot of work. This is one of the places that needed to have more "meat". I don't think that she was as well developed as the hero. (I wonder what it means that I write better about men than women. Could I always be thinking about men? Hmmm...)
3. The editor found a few places confusing because I "head pop". I will have to revise my manuscript with a lens on point of view, apparently in a few places, there is not one clear POV.
4. Lastly, I need to proofread my manuscript better.  This, I totally understand. As anyone who has every read anything by me knows, this is the weakest part of my writing. An example of this mistake happened to me this morning. I responded to an e-mail using some one's pen name instead of their real name. I sent a follow-up email, blaming the lack of coffee and the fact that it was 4:30 am but who am I fooling, it was because I didn't proofread my writing before I hit the send button.

All in all, I think that the "good" is very solid and the "bad" is fixable. So this week and especially next, when I am on vacation, I am going to work on my manuscript and send it to another publisher.

Peace Out,


  1. Good luck...I know you'll find a home for it. :)

    At 4:30 we can only blame the coffee. lol

  2. I always get so excited to get my story out there after I've finished, that proofreading is a big problem for me too, as my pile of rejection letters can attest to! I just need to slow down and go over it one--or two, possibly three--more times.

    Some points on your letter sound subjective, so maybe another publisher will totlally love your story.

    Good luck!

  3. It is so awesome to see someone taking that next step in the writing process! It sounds like you have accepted the good and bad with just the right attitude. Good luck with your non-vacationing vacation and all the editing and reworking you plan to do. Please continue to keep us updated!