Saturday, December 4, 2010


Yesterday, I attended more professional development on teaching children how to write expository and narrative texts.  Great information but I have to say that my mind was constantly daydreaming/brainstorming about the the story that I am writing, Saddle Up. I was totally consumed by the scenarios that I was creating in my mind.  It was killing me that I could not write them down.  The presenter, like any good presenter, walked around to keep the participants engaged. So sitting there writing a sex scene was totally out of the question.  Also, we were all sitting quite close together. So all of the people around me would have know exactly what I was writing.  We are a very intimate group.  Very few people who read this blog know my "real" name.  It is not that I am ashamed at what I write.  I am actually very proud of it.  It is just that with my day job, writing Erotica would be frowned upon. So I keep it private. I couldn't wait to get home and do some writing.

On another note, I am totally excited today to be attending the local chapter of Romance Writers.  The topic of conversation is going to be on brainstorming, I am excited about learning about something that will benefit my writing. I also can't wait to meet an author that I have read and have become "email" friendly with, Amber Skyze.

This morning, I also just finished a book by Tina Donahue called Lush Velvet Nights.  I highly recommend this book. I really enjoyed that her main character Nathan had to work through insecurities from his past before embracing love again for himself. 

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