Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not going to be bringing my "A" game today

I came home yesterday and the husband was in a terrible mood.  It was one of those moods that with him just spirals and spirals.  Nothing goes right until he falls asleep.  Everything, even the slightest thing annoys him and further spirals him into a bad mood.  Normally with these type of moods, he also gets insomnia.  I think that he riles himself up, so that no matter what he takes to sleep, it doesn't work.  He also doesn't help himself.  He expects his sleeping pills to do all of the work.  I really don't think that it is how it goes.  You should be trying to relax, so that it does its job.  So all night long, I heard about everything that was wrong in his life.  His truck needs to be inspected.  He needs new glasses.  His back really hurts.  He needs to do something about his teeth.  The teeth are a big issue.  He supposedly needs to have 5 of them in the front replaced because of gum disease.  Here is the problem.  We only have one person working in this house.  I have excellent health care.  The procedures that I have gone through lately, the co payments have not been crazy but terrible dental coverage.  We are only allowed 1200 in dental a year.  What they want to do with my husband has been estimated at 11,000.  I don't have the rest in my back pocket.  I really wish I did.  So every time that he gets into one of these moods, he brings this and various other things up.  It is quite defeating.  He finally fell asleep around 1 am which is when I fell asleep.  I can already tell, it is not going to be a good day at work.  This curriculum work needs all of my brain power.  I can't even brainstorm which means that I am busy.  So the coffee better be flowing.

On a good note, I finally posted my grades for my college course.  So I am officially done with my first "professor" experience.  It will leave me a lot more time to do writing or cater to a crazy husband.  Who knows?  Hoping for the former!

I am still waiting on an answer for one of my submissions.  It has been over 6 weeks now.  I am going to start revising it and sub it out to different publishers.

Peace out,


  1. It sounds like a rough night. I hope you have a better day.

  2. Sounds like my husband too. When one thing goes wrong, EVERYTHING goes wrong. Sometimes I feel like throwing up my hands and saying, "Just go away until you're in a better mood."

    Hope everything finds a way of working itself out.

  3. Thanks and welcome Linda. It's true and I think that he brings it upon himself. Bad mood=bad karma in our house. :)