Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally complete

My list is finally complete!!!  I can't believe it.  Yesterday I cleaned like a rock star.  I even took down the curtains in the kitchen and in the bathroom and washed them.  I don't know what came over me.  I am also done with all of my correcting for the college course that I taught.  All I have to do is now tally all of the grades and submit the final grade.  I will do that tonight.  Boy, what a weight is off of my shoulders.  I hadn't realized how time consuming that it would be.  Never mind how much gas I would spend and wear and tear on the old car.  I enjoyed the experience but don't think that I will do it again next semester if asked.  Of course, I haven't been asked yet, so it is easy in theory to say this.  When they are dangling more money in front of me, let's see how quick I am to say no.  I preparation for this income to go away in a few weeks, I have signed up to teach in an after school program at my school.  It pays far less than teaching the college course but I don't have to do any additional driving.  I think of this as a plus.  Half of what I made weekly went right into my gas tank.

I am in training/curriculum writing all week.  I tend to get my best ideas when I am in these types of workshops.  So I am looking forward to having the ideas flow. 

Peace out,

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  1. Glad you were able to get your list completed. I dread washing curtains. It's probably why we don't have many...mostly blinds. :)