Friday, December 17, 2010

Let's try it again

For the record, this is the second time that I am blogging this post.  The first time, last night, the cat deleted it by walking over the keyboard when I stepped away from the computer.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday.  For the past week, he has reminded me every day that "It's not every day that you turn 41." Ok.  So I had big plans.  I was going to get out of work early, fix him a nice dinner with filet mignon, wine, bakery sweets, and get his truck fixed.  I should know when I have specific plans, things usually go down the toilet.

Here is what really happened.  Not only did I not get out of work early, my meeting went over 90 minutes.  So I was running super late.  I ran into the bakery for the first stop and picked up two eclairs.  Little did I know that they were banana eclairs.  Who makes banana eclairs?  The husband does not like banana but ate them anyway because he was a starving fool by the time that I got home.  The next place that I went was the butcher shop to pick up the filet.  He brought out 2 nice 10 oz. pieces.  The only problem was that they were frozen solid.  What????  So I had to run them under water for 30 minutes before they were defrosted enough to cook them.  By the time that I was done, my husband actually had fallen asleep.  I wrapped up dinner after that.  Because I was so late, I missed the mechanic who according to the message on his machine, is taking a long weekend, so no truck.  The only thing that went right was the wine that I purchased and drank alone.

So which brings me to day, I took a personal day to make up for the disaster of yesterday.  I am taking him to a movie.  His choice is Tron in IMAX.  Maybe, I can smuggling in the rest of the wine!

Peace out,

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  1. Hope today is much better than yesterday. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband. Drink lots of wine for me too! :)