Thursday, December 2, 2010

Writing Workshop

If you can believe it, I have been in a workshop all day on teaching children how to write.  Of course it is a program that the district purchased and we were learning how to implement it but it was very informational.  It taught me different techniques on how to teach expository writing.  Talking about writing made me think about all of the writing that I want to do and how I have been slacking a bit lately. Not that I want to make excuses but job number 1 has been crazy.  We are going to be partnering with a nonprofit group for educational reform, so I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off and bringing a lot of work home.  Job number 2 is winding down.  The last class of the semester is next week and I can't wait. I enjoyed teaching it but the hour ride home at night was a killer.  I am unsure if they ask me again, if I will do it. So I have not had a lot of time to do writing but I have been thinking about it a lot.  I am also waiting to see if my first story will be rejected. I was told the expected wait time was five to six weeks.  This week, I hit the five week mark, so I am getting more and more anxious every day.  I can't check personal e-mail at work, so every day, the minute I get home I am checking to see if I have received any news.

On another note, I was watching one of my favorite shows last night. The show is Psych.  They did a homage to Twin Peaks last night.  While the show was funny as usual, I have to say that I probably missed more than half of the jokes because I never have seen Twin Peaks before.  I had absolutely no background knowledge so instead of some of the things being funny, I just found them weird.  I don't know why I felt like sharing that but I just did!

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  1. It's a busy time of year all around. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you hear good news soon.