Friday, December 10, 2010

Wall bangers

Doing research is part of my job, so when I committed to writing erotica I decided not only to read as much as I could (not a hardship) but also read about writing erotica.  What I have read over and over again is that readers do not like reading about wall bangers.  My question is why?  As a reader, I don't mind them.  As a matter of fact, I find them really hot.  What is there not to like about a hot, muscled man tunneling his hands in your hair.  He twists your hair around his hand and pulls your head back, lifting your lips. You gasp in pleasure with just a hint of pain.  He takes advantage of your parted lip and bends down to kiss you.  No, not just any kiss, he devours your lips like he is starving.  He is starving for the taste of you.  You taste better than a fine wine.  You are so desperate for each other that he lifts you up and plunges into you over and over again, against the wall.

See, nothing wrong with that.

Peace Out,

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