Saturday, December 18, 2010

What is the etiquette?

Here is the deal.  I submitted a story 7 weeks ago to a publishing house.  The initial response from the company stated that I would receive an answer in 5-6 weeks.  Do I continue to wait?  Do I drop them an e-mail? Do I start submitting it to other publishers?  What is the proper etiquette?  Being a newbie with this sort of thing, I would appreciate the advice.  Sometimes I think that writing the stories are the easy part and the hard part comes after it.

Plans didn't go off as planned yesterday.  The husband's insomnia stuck again but at least this time he was quiet about it.  Anyway, I headed off to Toys R Us with my mom.  So my niece and nephews are done.  My niece is now at the awkward age of 10.  She is no longer a little girl but not yet a teenager.  It was so much easier to buy her a baby doll.  She wanted Monster High Dolls. These are some of the ugliest dolls that I have ever seen. I found her some but not exactly the ones she wanted.  I am going with my sister's recommendation and bought them.  I made sure that I requested a gift receipt just in case she wants to exchange them.  I am sure that it will be fine.  The nephews both were easy but I'm sure that that will change in the coming years. 

Peace out,

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  1. Send them a nice, brief note asking for a status update. Although publishing houses give a response time, they're not always accurate. Once the time has elapsed a short inquiry doesn't hurt. Sometimes they didn't receive it or it was overlooked.
    Sorry the plans didn't work out. At least you got some shopping done. :)