Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shoveling really stinks

OMG! I have actually been down for the count for the past two days because of shoveling. The husband's back was acting up and couldn't do anymore shoveling. So, I had to do it. My neighbor usually takes pity on us but his snowblower died and he also wasn't feeling well. I was totally on my own. I don't want to sound bitter but all my sister had to do was put on Facebook that her snowblower wasn't working and my brother loaded his up in the truck and went over to get rid of the snow in her driveway. When I asked if he could just do the pile at the end, which I offered $20 for his gas (I can almost guarantee that my sister didn't offer), I was told that he had already put it away and wasn't going to struggle to get it into the truck again. I said a giant FU to the universe and did it myself but paid for it. My arms hurt so much yesterday that I could barely fasten my bra! I spent the whole day yesterday napping on the couch. I even had sandwiches delivered for dinner. I am feeling better today. Although, my mother reminded me about my birthday coming up (I would rather not celebrate it.  Thank you very much.) So a few errands to run today and then some much needed writing. I feel like I'm falling behind on my goal of getting this manuscript out by the end of the week. I think that it is realistic but not writing yesterday made me feel behind and unproductive.

Peace Out,


  1. Sounds like you were way more productive yesterday than I was by far. You deserve a little down time. Take care of yourself. Hot chocolate, warm bath, the works.

  2. Damn woman! You should not be shoveling this crap alone. We got at least a foot. Hope you're feeling better and make your goal. And go with Linda's suggestion - hot chocolate and a nice warm bath!

  3. I loathe shoveling snow. Take it easy and rest those arms. Hope you have a productive day of writing!