Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I love romance

Romance, including Erotica, is a genre of possibilities.  I love the fact that those possibilities are out there in the world. It may not happen a lot in real life but it is out there. 

Some of the things that I especially love:

1. In a romance, you can have such an intense orgasm that you are screaming out loud.  Now it might be a sad thing to admit, I have never screamed while having an orgasm. I am not saying that I don't have them.  Don't get me wrong but never the screaming kind.  Have you?  But I love that somewhere in the world, there is someone who that actually happens to, even if they are fictional characters.

2.  I love how sex in romances are so incredibly hot and heavy.  No one is tired from their day job.  No one has to have "timed" intercourse.  There is no one that just goes with it, even though they are not in the mood.  A friend of mine has a 3 minute rule.  You have 3 minutes to get your partner into the mood or you wait for another time.  She jokes that all she has to do is show her husband her boobs and he is in the mood.  In a romance, you are "wanted" more than anything, even wine or chocolate.

3.  I love a happy ending.  There should be more happy endings in real life.  Why not? If all of this bad can happen why not a lot of good.

4.  In romances, no obstacle is insurmountable.  There is always a solution.  No one is perfect, everyone has flaws including the characters but they don't let things get them down forever.

5.  I love the fact that a slightly rounded, "older" woman can find romance with a hot looking younger man.  He doesn't care about her age or her rounded parts.  In fact, they turn him on.  (Oh, Tim Riggins would you be my cub?)

I guess ultimately, romances allows us to dream.  So everyone who writes romances lift your head up high.  You supply people with dreams and it is a wonderful thing to be the supplier of dreams.

Peace out,


  1. Yes, that is the beauty of romance! Ever wonder why, in the current economic client, romance fiction sales are actually climbing? For all the reasons you stated -- romance offers women a wonderful escape :).

  2. LOL You can't have Tim..he's taken by me. :)

    Your list shows the beauty of romance. It's an escape from real life.

  3. So well said, espcially number 2. Sigh. If only life could always be like a romance story.