Monday, February 21, 2011

24 hours left

This is the amount of time, besides waiting for the stores to open for me to get my new computer. I apologize to people who have been worried about me being missing. Nothing tragic except my beloved laptop has passed away. Please take a moment of silence. It lived a nice long life and even though I have joked on this blog about it having one foot in the afterlife, I am sad. What I especially sad about is that there are two documents on there that I want to retrieve. The first is one of my wips called Saddle Up. I started it and then it just wasn't flowing, so I stopped writing it. But that does not mean that  I want to abandon all 5K of what has already been written. I might get the itch to finish it one day. The other is the book Adrift from my friend Amber Skyze. I barely had started reading it when the laptop gasped its last breathe. I am a little upset about this but I am sure that I will figure something out. Maybe I can re-download it from Loose Id?

Things have been quiet in the house since all of the blow ups last week. Isn't amazing how money, or even anticipated money can settle everything down. I have decided not to go to Georgia this week for the conference even though I was looking forward to some alone time. I have to make a decision that benefited my home life and I don't regret it. I just don't think that it was the right time for me to be away for four nights.

So this will be one of the last posts on a dinosaur of a computer that was purchased in 2002. At this point, I am just happy that it is operational and pray that it lasts this way until tomorrow.

Still haven't heard anything about the manuscript from that one editor or any other publishing houses that I sent it to. This type of waiting is crazy. I don't know how all of you survive it.


  1. We as writers tend to start a new book and distract ourselves from waiting. I usually get itchy when it nears the response time. If the publisher says 8 weeks I get antsy at around 6 weeks. :)
    Sorry you had to cancel your trip, but if you feel it's for the best, than you did the right thing.
    I'm sure you'll miss the laptop but you'll have fun with the new one.
    Let me know how you make out with the download. I know EC lets you do that.

  2. RIP, Beloved Laptop. My laptop passed awat this summer. It was a sad event indeed. And now the desktop is slowing down, probabaly from a boken heart that its companion died. I have a bad feeling we'll be putting the desktop down soon as well.