Monday, February 14, 2011

Where did it start?

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that all of your day is filled with love. I was thinking over the weekend, when did my love affair with love start? It was probably always in me. But one of the major contributors to this are Harlequin romance novels. When I was young, my mother was addicted to them. (She still is at 75.) Every month a box would come in the mail with 8 more romances for her to read. She was always reading them. She didn't read anything else. In the early 80's, a teenage romance series came out. It was called Sweet Dreams. I read these books as soon as they came on the shelf at the bookstore. Every week, I would beg someone to drive me to the mall to buy a new one with my allowance. My friends would buy different books and then we would swap. I eventually graduated to reading my mother's Harlequins when I got older.

So looking back, I have been reading romance almost all of my life. When I found erotica, I felt like I was home. Naturally, writing it developed out of my love for the entire genre.

Peace Out,


  1. My love with romance stories came from my older sisters who were already reading them!

    Happy V-Day!