Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do I need the pressure?

I have been in quite the writing lull lately. In fact, I have been doing a lot more reading than writing. Even though my characters are screaming in my brain, I have given them the "mental /sh/..." and gone back to reading erotica from my favorite authors.

Yesterday when I received my revise and resubmit from an editor, the writing muse came back with a vengeance. I revised my manuscript by taking out the scene that she wanted removed and wrote an addition seven hundred words. Not that seven hundred is a lot but after the drought it felt like a lot to me. So do I need some type of pressure to get working? What does that say about me?

So now the waiting begins. My good friend, Amber Skyze, says that this is the hardest part. I agree. She even wrote about it in her blog today. I am actually shocked that a writer of her caliber has to wait to get responses back from editors. If you don't already, go visit her blog. She is a great writer. She took pity on a newbie like me and always answers my questions despite how stupid they really are. She doesn't know how much I appreciate it.

Peace Out,

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