Friday, February 18, 2011

The craziness is over!

I can breathe a small sigh of relief today. The craziness of the home equity loan is over. We signed the papers yesterday. So there is a huge weight off of our shoulders concerning how to pay for the husbands teeth. It was touch and go there for a while. Before any major decisions, the husband misbehaves. I say this and it looks like I am talking about a child but in some ways, he acts like one. He is the only child of older parent. They never thought that they would have any children, so he was considered a miracle. (Sometimes, I consider him my curse.) He was given everything he ever wanted and never had to work for anything. Well, unfortunately, being a grown up normally doesn't work that way. So he is ill equipped when things don't go right.

But everything finally got sorted out. It looks like that on Tuesday, I will be getting my new computer. I am kind of excited but I wanted to get a new bed first. Hopefully with the new computer my writing muse will come back to me. I think she is seeking warmer weather somewhere. Or maybe, now that I am not so stressed, I will "want" to write.

Peace out,


  1. I'm glad things are working out. :)

  2. Whew, doesn't it feel freeing when something actually goes right? Happy for you!!