Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do they?

My question for today is does your husband or significant other read your books/manuscripts? I ask because my husband has been asking me to read my manuscript lately. I am proud of what I wrote but I am a little torn about him reading it. I write erotica. It is not every one's cup of tea. We all have our niches. I like to read erotica and write it. Do I write it under my own name? No. Even this blog is written under my pen name. Marie Rose is part of my name and Dufour is a family name on my mother's side. The fact is writing erotica and even steamier romances come with a stigma. Other author's have written about people asking them if they write porn? Porn is degrading to women. Erotica is anything but! One of the reasons that I write under a pen name is my day job. I really don't think that it would appreciate my style of writing. Another is my mother. If she saw some of the words that I actually wrote down, never mind strung together, she might need resuscitation. I remember when my sister was in labor, she told my mother that it hurt so f*cking bad. Do you know what my mother did? She told my sister that she didn't raise her to talk like that and hung up on her!The word that she finds so objectionable happens to be one of my favorites. I use it as a verb, as an adjective, and any way that I can possibly use it. So erotica would probably get me disowned!

So back to the subject at hand, why am I so hesitant to let my husband read my writing?

Peace Out,


  1. My husband has read almost everything I've written. He won't read the M/M because that's not thing and I understand. At first I asked him to read for his opinions. I can't wait the amount of time it takes him to read, so now I give him the final product for his enjoyment. He tells anyone who will listen what I write. Most of the time I'm moritified because I don't want him screaming it from rooftops, but he's proud. :)

  2. My habby really has no interest in my writing. The stuff he has read is what I forced him to so I think I'll just give up on it. When I started writing Erotica under the name Miranda Stowe, I told no one but my husband about it. He doesn't mind if I write it but we're not telling anyone else we know about Miranda. I think it's very sad that an author has to hide her work because she knows she'll get made fun of. Sigh.