Friday, February 11, 2011

Eight days and still counting...

Note: This is the second time that I am writing or rewriting this blog. The first time, I hit a key and it was totally deleted. This ticks me off because I hate doing stupid things.

It has been eight days since and editor asked me to revise my manuscript and resubmit it. The wait is making me crazy. So in my head, I am thinking that it could be a good thing or a bad thing.

On one hand, the editor liked it enough to give me some feedback of what she wanted to see changed in the manuscript. She also asked that if I did make those revision, to resubmit it. So she liked it. She liked it enough to make some very specific feedback of what she thought worked and didn't work. The revisions were minor, so I did them immediately and resubmitted. Also, if she didn't like the revisions, I would think that the rejection would come quickly.

On the other hand, what is taking so flippin' long? I am being sarcastic. Logically, I understand that this business is full of waiting, rejections, with a little bit of hope sprinkled in. If the editor liked the revisions, why is it taking so long? This whole process has made me a obsessive compulsive e-mail checker! What is worse, is that I can't check my e-mail from work. (I know what you are thinking, I should be working at work and not checking e-mail. But really, if you are waiting to hear from a publisher, can you think of anything else?) So everyday, I have to wait close to nine hours before I check it again. Crazy!

Enough whining for now!

Peace out,


  1. LOL Welcome to the world of being a writer! It's all about hurry up and wait.

  2. Ugg. I hate waiting.
    But good luck!