Friday, February 25, 2011

Tarzan will be leaving the building

When is it an appropriate time to inquire information about your ms from an editor? Is there a time? I am torn about this, it's been twenty-three days, since I received a "I'll be in touch." I know that I am fixating on this but I really need some good news right now. Of course, you are saying to yourself, "What makes you think you are going to receive good news?" I don't. I just need some feedback. It is a very lonely road that a writer travels.

Today is a big day. The husband is going to cut his hair.  In most households, this is not an occasion but in my house it is one that I am going to shout from the rooftops! It has officially been five years since he cut it last. Every time I would approach the subject, he would say to me, "But you love long hair on guys." To some extent he is totally right. I love Viggo with his long hair as Aragon. I love Adrian Paul with his long hair in Highlander. My first character in my manuscript Fated Mates has long hair. Here is the thing, these are all fictional characters. There are not many men who can pull this off in real life. Right now, my husband has hair that rivals the long hair of one of EC's Cavemen. I do not want him to get a military cut, dear God no! Just something like Johnny Depp's hair in The Tourist (not that I've seen the movie, don't like Angelina Jolie) but he looked hot in the adds. The hair will be long enough to satisfy my long hair fetish but short enough so he doesn't look like he should be swinging from a vine.

Good weekend to all of you,


  1. Sorry, but I don't suggest you contacting them until the alloted time for normal submissions has passed. I would follow their waiting time in the guidelines. I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but sadly, those are the rules.
    Have fun with the hair cut. I dated a gorgeous guy about eight years ago who had blond hair down the middle of his back. He's the hero in Splashing Good Time. :)

  2. I know. I'm not really going to contact anyone. I think it would be a terrible thing to do. I just really want to! Have a great weekend Amber!

  3. Ugg. I hate waiting. WAIT is such a 4-letter word. I like it when submission guidelines say you'll hear back from us in so-and-so amount of time, that way if they go over their time, you can finally contact them and say, "oh by the way, did you receive my query?" But, honestly, 23 days is nothing. I have a partial that's been out for 125--wait, what is today. right, make that 126--days. Ugg.

    Bye to Tarzan. Hello Johnny Depp!

  4. Thanks Linda. Have a great weekend. 126! I'd go crazy!