Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am not a person to look a gift snow day in the mouth, but another snow day???? And tomorrow, there is another, much bigger storm coming through the state. I can understand to some extent. I work in an inner city school system where most of the students walk to school. There is no where for these poor kids to walk but in the street. The piles of snow are taller than I am by far in some areas, never mind a child going to elementary school and the buses are having one hell of time going through the streets. So I am wondering if I can count on a snow day again tomorrow. We haven't worked a full week since Christmas vacation. In all of my twelve years working for Providence, we have never had so many snow days but we also haven't had this quantity of snow in a very long time.

I actually got all of my work that I brought home done last night. So, I am going to think of this day (or two) as a writing gift from the universe. I WILL accomplish some writing today, besides this blog! I will let you know how I make out. Off now to go and get coffee before the roads get too slippery!

Peace Out,

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