Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calm didn't last long

Can you believe that I just found out via e-mail on vacation that every single teacher in my district is going to get a pink slip today? I have a feeling that not only does this have to do with the budget but they want all of us to reapply for our jobs. This is the way to get rid of the ineffective teachers in the district. I am not opposed to this but why subject the rest of us with this terror that could last for four more months? Do I think that I will lose my job? No. But it doesn't make for a restful night.

So the elation that was in the house all day yesterday, was popped like a balloon. I could almost hear the wheels in my husband's head squeaking around and around. He, of course, is thinking about the home equity loan that we just took out on the house. Bad, bad, bad.

We did have plans for the day and the rest of the week but I am thinking that he is not going to want to go anywhere until he gets over this blow.

Editors, could you please start giving some indications on my manuscript?  I might be looking for another job come June.

Peace Out,


  1. I just saw this on the news. How terrible. Hopefully you'll be just fine.

  2. WOW, my sisters who work in a school are having budget issues and they're stressing about how long their positions will last but I've never heard anything like this before. Stressful indeed.